Tuesday, May 7, 2013

goal of the week

   our goal of the week is to finish solid works for the tetrahedron challenge and the raquetball challenge. Robert and I will both be working on on the computer this week to get it done.  we have just completed the tetrahedron solidworks and now working on the raquetball part. I dont think we can manage to build a robot in time for today to do the raquetball challenge. after all this mess robert and I will join another group to do the wiffleball challenge.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Raquetball challenge

 Our next task for us was to  pick up a ball and place into the hole that is placed on the pole. we were incredibly behind and need to get up to date somehow. The raquetball challenge is supposebly due today for 20% of that will require me and robert to put even more effort and work into the robot so it will succeed in geting more points  , gving us a 100% on the task. I hope I can find time somewhere so I can work more on the robot because we are under pressure and time is the only thing affecting us. I am happy to say we are finally nearly done with the tethrahedron challnge solidworks , once we complete that we will move on to adding  things to the robot and the solidworks version as well.
This will give you an idea of the task ( raquetball challenge)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tetrahedron challenge:completed

Our results of the tetrahedron challenge  after  testing were great . we managed to pick up 5 tetrahedrons and place them on the poles but what got my partner and i upset was that we almost got the 6th one up there but it got tangled and messed up. we tested a total of 2 times and will test more next week but for now we have to start working on the raquet bball challenge since we are behind.

week of 4/22-4/26

Goal of the week: success

So we succesfully  drove the robot on the field , we had some lose parts but we fixed it , we had arm problems but we fixed it , we need to add pieces we added pieces . we basically  did everything we can to get this robot  working for next week when we get tested. my robot is different than everybody elses it contains  a small arm that can only place the tetrahedron on the small pole. This gives us an advantage because
1. our robots arm is more stable
2. the robot drives faster with less weight
3. it is easier to put it on and wont cause problems for my robot such as falling backwards.

week of 4/22-4/26

hello everybdy  the goal of the week for us is to practice driving and to check  if the robot is working efficiently , check if the arm is working , if the hook is working well or anyother troubles we might have . I also learned the hard way to tighten EVERY loose piece you see on your robot , especially the arm because that can cause many problems and will waste more time and we cannot afford to waste more time since we  are behind.